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What Taekwondo equipment you need?

by Salah Hussini

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With so many Taekwondo equipments on the market, it can be confusing to know what you need to buy; you don’t want to make expensive mistakes, especially for a beginner.

First of all, you need a uniform, also called dobok. Most of uniform sellers have size chart to help you choose the right size. If you are buying for a child, maybe you like to buy a size bigger since they are growing fast.

Taekwondo sparring gear, also called protective gear, which is something you need to buy once you have been training for a few months. It's a big investment so choose carefully. They are including head gear, mouth guards, chest protector, arm/ shin guards and groin protectors. Glove and foot glove are not always being required. There are so many brand choices on the market nowadays, a lot of brands are not as famous as Adidas or Nike; however they are still with excellent qualities with much lower prices. As long as you choose carefully, you would save good money here 

For training, you need to have kicking paddle! We also hear people call them floppy pads, targets or mitts. It is so easy to be carried around, and you could practice kicking anywhere outside of class. Block pads and kicking shield have a much bigger area; they are good for learning back kick because they can protect your target holder as well. Skipping ropes are so fun, so cheap and so great for warming up and fitness exercises.

Most times it is the best to train in bare feet and shoes can damage the mats of the floor, also, barefoot training make your feet become stronger and tougher. However, taekwondo shoes are great protection if your feet are very sore from too many kicks already. Don’t wear them running outside since there is no shock absorption on taekwondo shoes. By the way, tkd shoes’ sizes are slightly smaller than the regular ones.

Once you have the martial arts gears you will need a bag! There are different sizes, get a bigger one than you think. The design of Tkd bag even allows you to put chest protector in. The bag is so convenient for you to pack all the items in and make you look so professional.

Have fun!

This article was published on Friday 12 February, 2010.
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